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The first celebration- the engagement party! Last month, my sister and parents hosted an awesome engagement party for Tate and I. An evening with drinks and dessert! What more could you ask for? The night also had a perfect 75 degree weather which was perfect for our Smore's bar in the back yard! Here are some of the pictures!

The invitation.

Vintage wedding cake toppers.

Some of them look like Barbie and Ken!

The romantic back yard with twinkle lights.

What I always wanted when I got engaged: a "She said YES!" banner.

Everyone else thought it should have said, "She said REALLY?!" If you don't know the story read the proposal post under Engagement Peach Cobbler.

The imported and domestic cheese tray!

Dessert buffet with the "I DO" ... and I DO love dessert. oh yeah and Tate.

I love you S'more cupcakes = my sister's famous cupcakes.
Mini chocolate chips, chocolate cake, marshmallow frosting with graham cracker and chocolate drizzle. Y-U-M

Chocolate crinkles, my dad's favorite. I also like to call them "Go eat that over the sink!" cookies.

Gourmet popcorn made with Truffle oil. Very interesting. On the right were cute pink cones to house the popcorn while you chat.

I'm nuts about you.

The floating pink and green flowers. Very Nell Hill. Good job Mom.

Red, red wine... We tried Plungerhead because the man at the wine store said it was good with dessert. That, and it has a plunger as the cork. SOLD.  Also, little black dress because, well I wore a little black dress.

Seven layer dip... baby dip.

S'mores bar outside with pink mashmallows of course. Don't worry you can't taste the strawberryness.

Just practicing for Smilin' Vic.

Thanks for the party family!

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Kristi said...

Great pics and a great party!!!

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