Snowman Chow Mix...

This recipe is normally named 'Reindeer Food', but for this time of year... we will name it the 'Snow-is-still-in-the-forecast, mix'. These are easy ingredients, it's fast to make, and it will be gone in a flash. I'm serious, this stuff is like crack. Once you start, you can't stop... and you have white dust all over your face. Just sayin.

Miniature marshmallows and your favorite kind of M&M.

Now add the pretzels.

Now add the Chex.

Now add the melted white chocolate bark.


Wha-laa!! No-bake Snowman Crack Chex mix! Enjoy ;) Let me know if you need the actual ingredients.


Why Would I Want To Get A Labrador Retriever Mix? said...

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Anonymous said...

Can I get the actual ingredients? Looks so Yummy!!!!!

Julie C

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