Colleen's Cookie Dough Bites...

This week it was my boss's daughter's birthday. Normally for a birthday I resort to Cake Balls in their favorite flavor. The birthday girl is not so much a lover of Cake Balls as she is cookies... My thought - I can make her Cookie Dough Bites! So I did. Her color theme for the party was pink and green. I used pink chocolate melting chips to drizzle and green sugar crystals to sprinkle on top. But this wasn't enough... I had to do this.

Yep, she was turing 18. Gosh you are quick today.

Then, I took it a step further.

Good thing I took this picture. After the flash, I picked up the Cookie Ball to put it in the fridge... and the 'een' broke off. I tried to do surgery with melted chocolate, but there was no hope after I lost all the letters but an 'E'.

Happy Birthday Colleen!!


Beth said...

Colleen's cookie-dough bites turned out perfect! I love the pink icing and green sugar crystals. Happy Birthday to Colleen. I think you should make some "bites" for Easter.

Michelle said...

These look amazing. I am going to make some of these for my birthday!

Diane said...

These fabulous cookie dough balls were the hit of the party! Thank you so much, Lauren, for these extra special bites of heaven!


ps - Trey says to let you know his birthday is July 11 - and to please triple the recipe, thank you very much.

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