A picnic for two, just me and you...

The week before the wedding, stressed as all get out, Tate decided to provided a little getaway... in our backyard. A picnic for two, just me and you. We decided to make it Bubba Gump Shrimp night, with Shrimp Scampi and Sweet and Hot Shrimp on the Barbie.

Make the shrimp scampi.

Add the cooked spaghetti noodles.

We grilled jumbo shrimp that we marinaded in sweet and hot sauce.

Out to the blanket and music...

We used our new wine glasses and picnic wine holders, which were soooo fun, and we LOVE our wine glasses - both a wedding gift. (Thank you to Morgan, we love them!!!!!)

We sat under our weeping willow tree....

And enjoyed our meal and a glass of wine on our blue and white picnic blanket!


Kelsey said...

I love the wine glass holders!! Too cute!

Bianca said...

Ummm... I am so super jealous of your picnic wine glass holders. Seriously.

This is lovely!


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