Red, White and Rue...

I am red, white and Rue all over!! Issue #2 of Rue e-zine came out this week, and it is filled with decor inspiration ideas like a happy tick on a bloodhound. I flipped from page to page ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing. Below are a few of my favorite pictures - if this were a real magazine I would be tearing out the pages and sticking in my decor file. The magazine also has a darling insert with the two girls who wear glasses. Check it out for a cute read and vintage inspiration.

I will take this side tables. Thank you.

The hubbs heard a gasp and ran over and asked if everything was OK. Really I just saw this room and loved it. I used to have a pink and gold room once, and it might make an appearance once again... just don't tell him yet :)

With these curtains I literally die. - in a good way. 

Hello beautiful little table. 

I will be wearing a little sparkle to a holiday party this year...

This is the inspiration for my Christmas decor, we are going Ralph Lauren Tartan.. everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the new December/holiday magazine. Enjoy the family this weekend for Thanksgiving. I'm off to travel to grand Oklahoma! I will see you after the holiday.

Be safe lovelies,

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