The day filled with pink and red...

Once a year, the pink and red holiday also known as Valentine's Day comes around. To celebrate the holiday, I have a Panty Party. Now get your minds out of the gutter, this is just a fun frilly girly night in. All the gals dress in their red and pink, and we have a fun panty exchange! Here are a few photos from the party. 

This is my new set up on the buffet (more about this in another post soon.)

Pretzel Pops

Wedding Cake Cupcakes

Lemon Tartlets... yum.

Sugar cookies! - cupcakes, kisses and lollipops, oh my!

LOVE panties for fun.

Please stay a while, have a drink...

Fun little Ellie straws...

And the parting gift, white chocolate drizzled popcorn! A wonderful recipe provided by my Mother in Law and Aunt Sher. 

Last but not least, the Valentine's tree!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

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