Monkeys hanging from the chandelier...

So our chandelier finally came in... and it was a perfect weekend to get it installed. I was sooo excited! First cut the breaker - very important. Next firmly remove the dome light. Gots. to. go. 

Next remove the screws, and everything will come lose from here.

Then you will see this. Remember which wires go with which cap. 

If all else fails, call Dad. He knows all. This is when 'Mr. Know-it-all', learned a little.

Ta-da... and here she is! I love the way the brown linen shades reflect the color of the walls.

And the Lord said, "Let there be light!"

One day this will be glorious over a large dining room table, right now we have our small farm table holding it's place. These chairs I would also like to reupholster, possibly with a monogram showing through the back. 

You likey?


Bianca said...

I love-y!!!

mandela perry said...

Beautiful chandelier! Where did you buy it?

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks lady!! I actually ordered it from a showroom in Dallas. Are you looking for a specific one?

Kaylyn said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chandelier!

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