Bo lately.

Dear friends, 
I haven't posted in a while, because... well I've been growing. I have a little bit of a weight issue. Lately I have gone from 14 to 68 pounds in seven months! We've come a long way baby. Here's a catch up on my life. 

I used to sleep 24-7. Anywhere, anytime. 

One time I even fell asleep while eating. 

Mom even put me in a cute little basket to go get bubbly for New Years.. I slept through the whole thing.

 Here are my New Years photos.

Then, I learned how to sit like a big boy. They give me this thing called a Trea.. I forget everything after I hear that sound. 

I used to just sit in the front yard and watch the snow fall. 

Then we got a foot of snow and Mom made me put on this dorky jacket. I don't care if Martha Stewart makes dog stuff at Pet's Mart... I don't want to wear it. 

Other than the jacket cramping my style, it was really fun to run around. 

I used to be able to sit on the truck console with Dad. 

Here is how I hit those high 'Mariah Carey' type notes.  

While Mom and Dad were at work, I made this wonderful masterpiece out of what used to be my 'indestructible fabric' bed. 

This is how I rest after walks. 

Now I'm a big boy. 

Stay cool, bloggers. 

Bo Johnson


gmonee5 said...

He is way too cool. LOVE IT!

Margaux Lippoldt said...

O. M. Freakin. G.
He is the cutest thing ever! One of our goldens lays with his legs spread just like that!

Hope you all are loving married life. Hope to see you tailgating this fall!

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