Copa Cabana

Why am I not at the lake? 

Summer is here (finally), and I'm not. Just sayin. 

My recent love for the water, has made me want to use this large black and white photo in a room. I love the suits in the piece and the happiness they have! 
If I'm not at the lake, I might as well be in a Grecian styled cabana. Here is some inspiration of what I'm thinking... you on board? 

I can imagine reading "The Help" under here. Anyone else reading it? 

This one is made out of boxwoods... that would take me forever!!

Happy hump day! 

Images found via Pinterest (my new addiction) and


Bianca said...

"Beauty and passion were always in fashion at the Copa Cabana..." Now stuck in my head. Hahahaha! I love that first black and white image... I think we could act that out though. Make it a bit more personal ;)

B.Teel said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Lauren Suzannie, love the photos, the inspiration, the fact that none of those photos was taken in the Northwest...ahhh the sun. Thank you for helping me to imagine that ball in the sky that would require one to seek shelter from it in a cabana. A girl can dream.

Three Pink Dots said...

Yes, the sun will return once again! Hold on there, it's coming out soon. Sit in front of your light box for a few more days. At least you are the light shinning in that shaded rainy spot! They need someone to do it!

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