Dance with my father again...

One of the best memories I have is dancing with my father at my wedding. That is a moment I will never forget. OK - get out the Kleenex, just kidding. 

To honor my dad on Father's Day, I just wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of him. I can't wait for another chance to dance with him again one day! 

This photo was taken right as he saw me on the wedding day. We had also kept my dress a secret from him, so this was fun.  

Isn't he handsome? A man that will wear a pink bow-tie for his daughter...

We like to dance. 

And twirl... 

And do secret handshakes... 

This sweet photo is when Dad met his first grand-puppy. (Cue the awww - You can't not love a puppy!)

Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever. 

You deserve one really long day of sleeping in your leather chair while "watching" golf. 

Love you! 

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