Big Bun Day.

Today I am wearing a big ballerina bun.

Why you ask?
1. I woke up feeling like I was a ballerina again. I don't think I could wear leotard and pink tights today, so I opted for a bun.
2. I didn't want to do my hair.
3. I love the feeling of a big bun, powerful and out of my face.

images via my Pinterest

Has anyone watched "Take the Money and Run"? My husband and I are addicted to these stupid reality shows. Anyway, if I was locked up I would just make up dances in there. Come on, I could win this. I really know how to entertain myself. I would also write notes and slip them under to the guard. :) He's probably bored too.

People make that game too hard. I think it would be a blast. That's all, I will get off of my dancing soapbox.  

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