Bridget and broken fingers

I love Bridget Bardot.

I also love her hair. She really had that perfect messiness/awesome ratio down.

Yesterday was not my day. Here's what happened:

1. I slammed my finger in the car door. Last time I did this was back in 1991 in a Tuesday Morning parkinglot with my mother who opened my child-proof door.. No, I didn't break my finger, but it felt like it.
2. I also spilled boiling water on my other hand. That darn Mac N' Cheese gets me everytime.

Does anyone else have days like this?


Jax said...

YES! I actually was eating mac n cheese yesterday and accidentally dropped a HOT piece on my chest while I was lounging lazily watching tv and blowing on it b/c it was so hot! The whole thing was hilarious b/c I leapt up, screamed and basically made it worse b/c then I spilled more. Good grief. Glad you didnt break your finger, friend!

And yeah, BBardot was kinda awesomely stylish. And I kinda want her hair. A lot.

Three Pink Dots said...

Good, glad to know I'm not the only one eating mac N Cheese and spilling it. Hope you didn't burn your chest too badly! I have so been there..

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