Lauren Love Lonny

Let's look at Lauren's Lonny loves from this September issue.

Love Pink sofas.

I love this. Bathroom, pillow, wellies and all.

I probably like this one because when I was little I would read books and take naps in my mothers tub.

I would like this to be my next birthday party.

Wow. That's a lot of glitzy on that buffet. But... it works.

Sometimes I dress up my bust lady too. Especially on holidays.

LOVE the skirted entry table. Getting ready to do one of these for a client!

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That's all the Lonny loves for today.


Emily said...

I loved this Lonny as well! Annnnddddd, I am posting soon about a project I completed last weekend. Hint- it rhymes with 'skirted table' :) Great minds think alike! xo Emily

Three Pink Dots said...

I can't wait!! :)

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