101: How to style a bookcase

Mornin bloggers,
Today we are going over the simple tutorial of how to style a bookcase! Many people have either built-in bookcases or have bought small little bookcases and don't know how to achieve the right look. It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

Let's talk about the bookcase that I am showcasing below. I bought this one on Craigslist for $10. I know pick your jaw up. This happened to be the top of a china cabinet that someone was selling, and just wanted to get rid of it. I had other plans...

So we painted it white, and since the back was splitting we added a new back piece, which made it easy to paint a fun navy blue. I always like to place a pop of color on the back of a bookcase which can really add a level of dimension and make your items truly stand out. 

1. Step one, add your books. They can be any color you like, or a theme of colors. Here I used blues, greens and oranges. The green wallpaper I found at an Estate Sale this summer for $1 a roll. The lady had this wallpaper in her kitchen, it was fab. 

You could also paint your book covers, wrap them in thick wrapping paper, or face them backwards for the same color. When buying for a full or large bookcase, I purchase my books at garage sales and the Goodwill. Another good tip is to wrap up your cookbooks. If you are like me and have a ton of cookbooks, but don't have a spot in your kitchen... wrap them up for the bookcase and you will know they are right in the next room! 

2. Now place your bookends. No you don't have to have two, and if you do, no they do not need to be facing opposite ends on one stack of books. Have some fun with this! Here I used the hand, a rock, some coral, and of course some ellie's! 

3. Next for fluff stuff. Candles, pictures of your favorite child, seasonal decor, and bowls for catch alls.

One more thing, I just have to share that um... I won another giveaway. I know what you are thinking, I must just sit at home and enter these things... I don't! This is random, and crazy! I cannot WAIT to play with my new O'verlays! Once they get in I will post about them, not to worry. 

That's all for class today, any questions? 


Michelle said...

Cute! Gotta love CL :)

jennp said...

Thanks lauren that was very helpful to a decorating challenged person like me. Question about your painting....did you sand the bookcase or use some type of bonding primer?

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks JennP!! On this one, I sanded some of it down just to ruff it up a little so the paint would adhere well. I use a kiltz primer underneath and then the white on top. That primer is a great choice!!

Kerri said...

We just 'Overlayed' a chest for our hallway! I need to send you pics. Cant wait to see yours!!! Love.xoxo

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