Gilver = (Gold + Silver)

Today we are talking about the Gilver glitter boxes shown on the morning segment yesterday. I love little surprise boxes sitting at every place setting, and these are sparkly and ready for Christmas.
 You only need three ingredients: 
1. Cardboard boxes found at the craft store (Hobby Lobby is where I get mine)
 2. Spray adhesive. Also available at Hobby Lobby. This one I actually picked up at Jo Ann's for my headboard I was making.
 3. Gold and Silver glitter. Mix it up!
 That's all! Just take your box, spray lightly with the adhesive and sprinkle on your newly mixed "gilver" glitter for a fun box.
Use these as name cards, a treat for your guests, or even an icebreaker question to get your guests talking!

To make the one above have a Christmas flair, I added red eyelash string and a silver bell to the top. You could just tie these on, or hot glue could also work.

Happy box-making!

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July said...

Those are so cute! What a great idea! Love those!!

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