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Today's guest post incorporating the beautiful winter emerald color in design is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a fantastic online source for home lighting solutions since 2002. Stop by their blog and website to say hello and check out their large array of light fixtures. Thanks Susi for your awesome inspiration finds!  

Hi Three Pink Dots readers, 
My guest post was inspired by the gorgeous emerald pool in Yellowstone that Valerie posted recently. Emerald is a gorgeous color in interiors for its depth and richness of color. It can be paired with a myriad of colors and is classically mixed with black, white and gold. Here are some beautiful examples of emerald used in interiors and decor.
Emerald Interiors
Inspired by the post on the emerald glacier pool, this wall is a gorgeous blend of emerald and blue hues. It is a work of art.
Emerald Interiors
Patent leather shines in emerald color on these occasional chairs beneath a pretty little pendant light. The deep rich emerald color is striking in a cream color room.
Emerald Interiors
Emerald mixed with trendy patterns of chevron and Greek key design creates a very stylish living room. Emerald mixes well with black, cream, gold and deep blue for a classic look.
Emerald Interiors
This marbleized emerald and blue fabric would be wonderful used as a wallpaper, as well as on accent pillows. Very reminiscent of emerald lakes.
Emerald Interiors
Emerald, gold and pink in a vintage Deco inspired wallpaper look chic in this powder room. What a great pattern.
Emerald Interiors
Velvet curtains in emerald green add a luxurious depth of color to this dark charcoal dining room. Lighter upholstery on the chairs draws the eye to the table. Love the low-hanging bead chandelier above.
Emerald Designs
This emerald green Moroccan door looks like it belongs in the Emerald City. Emerald and white cement tiles would look amazing in a kitchen or bathroom.
Emerald Staircase
The famous Emerald Staircase in Warsaw, Poland, is an architectural delight. The emerald green banister creates a gorgeous green spiral. Love the emerald with the black and white harlequin patterned floor.

Today's emerald finds courtesy of Arcadian Lighting, where you can discover even more colorful inspirations and a brilliant selection of lighting fixtures to brighten your whole house.

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Thanks for stopping by Susi, I am loving your finds! What a great way to incorporate the winter emerald colors in design.

I'm welcoming guest posts that fit the bill for Three Pink Dots, have an idea? Send me an email for consideration!

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I adore the wallpaper in the bathroom! Beautiful!


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