Day of doors.

Today is another day that I wish for a brightly painted door. Don't these images make you giggle a little? One day I will have something like this with a great vintage knocker. Even if it's my Studio that has a fun door, one place will get it. 
 Love this color combo, duh.
 Pretty black and red, and nice mailbox!
 Well, aren't you just so springy?
 Gotta have pink. With a gold knocker of course.
This will do as well. 
via here and here 

I hope this filled your snowy day with thoughts of color and inspiration. Anyone that knows me, probably has heard that one day I want a white colonial style house with black shutters, a bright red and gold door, and a white picket fence. Do you have dreams of a great painted door one day? 

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Jessica Washburn said...

I love photographing doors, you'll have to check out my cruise post...I got some great pics in Quebec and New England. Didn't post them all, but wish I could have. :)

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