The deets - Countdown glasses, Survival Kit & Tablescape

Well its....
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 With these...
 Here's how you make them:

Take the champagne glasses you already have, and purchase these gold foil vinyl stickers from Michael's craft store.
I just happened to take out the 1 and 2... but it looks like my favorite news station... KWCH Channel 12. 

And simply adhere them in countdown order from 10 - 1 or you could spell out 2012 for a smaller party. Here are the glasses waiting for their TV debut in the morning light.

 Next up on the docket... the NYE "Day After" survival kit. Imagine starting the New Year refreshed with all the essentials after a long night spent with family and friends.
You will need:
1. ChapStick.. maybe from a NYE midnight kiss?
2. Antibacterial, start the New Year healthy and keep this in your purse.
3. Advil, just in case you might have a headache.
4. The glittered takeout box from Michael's, personalized with the 2012 numbers.
5. Tums, in case you had too many pigs in a blanket.
6. Water, to keep you hydrated.
7. Coffee, of course, to get you through your morning without much rest.

And lastly, the tablescape.
1. Alarm clock from Target.
2. Kate Spade china.
3. Napkin ring holder from World Market.
4. Picture frame as name card from you guessed it World Market.
5. Vintage clock from thrift store.
6. Notepad for guests 2012 goals from World Market.

Want to watch this on video? Click here.


Emily S. Davis said...

Love it! The segment was fabulous as well- great job!

xoxo, Emily

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Love!!

Ashley Gillett said...

I love the table-scape, champagne glasses, and especially the survival kit! Such great ideas! I totally have new inspiration for next year!

Jamie B said...

Thank you for sharing this New Years (day after) survival kit.. What a cute idea! I hope that it is okay, I just finished a 'survival kits' round-up and just could not resist featuring your cute kit!

You can see it here:

Thank you for sharing this :)

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