Gift Guide: The Prepster

Today's gift guide for The Prepster, comes from the one and only who adores all preppy things, moi. This was so fun to make because... well I was really just shopping. 

Yes. I will take all these things wrapped up in striped paper and a kelly green bow under the tree. Ok, in a paper bag, whatever. Except for the sunglasses, I have those. I just love them and wanted to share with you how great of a gift they are. 

Enjoy the gift guide. If you all like this, maybe I shall do another one... perhaps The City Slicker? 

One - A laptop bag, made to impress. I need this. Wish they were Bo dogs, but I still love it. 

Two - Probably the cutest cards out there.

Three - I have these, and strongly recommend. They fold up to pretty much the size of a quarter. 

Four - Two words = Wellies. Bows. (I wish it rained more.)

Five - Because everyone needs a sailor dress. 

Six - Just light reading for the evening... or your coffee table. 

Seven - A crocodile wallet is a must. 

Eight - It's like the menswear pump. With a touch of prep. (On sale!)


Michelle said...

I could definitely go for that wallet!!!

Sasha said...

Those navy blue wellies are fab! I hope you have been a good girl this year so Santa will be sure to drop them down the chimney. I bet he will. Especially if you make him some cake balls instead of cookies.

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I am officially obsessed with your blog. Like, unhealthily obsessed. And I just found it.. THANK YOU Pinterest. :)

Can't wait to start following you! :)

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