Designer Spotlight: Burnham Design

I really love to find designers that inspire me to create. After looking at this design company's portfolio, I was filled with joy. The way she uses color and pattern are absolutely gorgeous and intriguing to the eye. What beautiful images to start off our day!

Located in Los Angeles, so if you live in that area and are in need of awesome design give her a call. Now, for your enjoying pleasure I bring to you Burnham Design...

I know we have all seen this design office floating around, well it's still awesome... and one day my studio will resemble this. 

 Look at baby Huey on the mantle! ;)
 Oh pelmet box and love seat... you complete me.

 OK - these chairs are unreal. I'll take six of them.
All photos via Burnham Design 

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Jessica Rowe {The Aestate} said...

I'm definitely a fan as well! I think all those pics are in my inspiration files somewhere. Dying for an Hermes tray, btw.

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