Go big.

Today I have artwork coming in that is large and in charge, which I love. The scale is a tad ridiculous, and that's what's so fabulous about it. I also have a client who is currently working with a very large art piece. When it's finished, oh my.

That being said, today I am inspired by large artwork. Take a peek at some of my favorite images.

Thanks for all the great and sweet comments on yesterday's post. I hope that maybe some of you were inspired to either keep attacking that dream goal, or to finally take the jump towards something you have been "Ellie" about.

One friend said she would print Ellie out and frame it to remind her of achieving her dreams. This girl I know has taken the leap towards something larger and I am so proud of her already. I think I too will frame Ellie, when I get a new ink cartridge that is... right now she might come out blue.

Happy Friday!


Bianca said...

I definitely need a giant beach scene. Necessity.

Three Pink Dots said...

yes, yes dear. You do. What would be even better is if we were in that scene. Beach time please.

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

I love big pieces of art! I need more in my home, but I am lacking large wall spaces, arg!

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