Currently crushing on: Burlwood

Today I'm crushing on burlwood. It's so unique with it's unending curves, deep browns and blacks, tortoise-like appearance... I really can't get enough. Check out this outstanding burlwood and lucite desk. Word's can't describe. 
and here it is in the room: 

I even like a burlwood Nook reader cover. 
I know, I have already blogged about this mirror before... but I still love it. And, I know where to get it if you wanting to know...
Ok - this is unreal. I could stare at this all day. Burlwood + brass = .......

Who couldn't love a burlwood bar cart? I do.

And, for all those Wichita followers... this beaut is on Craigslist. A vintage burlwood vanity. If I had the space, and husband said yes... this would be my new makeup spot. You all know my love for vanities... well this takes it over the top. Can't you see beautifully organized necklaces and bangles along with lucite makeup holders in here? Let me know if you get this so I can come play. It's only $75

Also, coming up on Monday Design Time is back on KWCH Channel 12 with the Top Trends in Interior Design for Spring! Don't forget to set your recorders, or just count on me to post the video... which I will. Happy weekend!



Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Okay, I am totally loving it now too! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the picture of it as a console table. Gorgeous!



Lauren said...

You should totally get that vanity! What a steal!! I love the retro vibe and I think it would contrast nicely with some contemporary touches and accesories.

Sasha said...

You should get the vanity! Maybe there is a spot SOMEWHERE in your house!!
So excited about Design Time with LJ!!!

Chi said...

that's so cool :o want it too :)

Laura said...

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