Making me blush...

I know, this blog is mostly about Interior Design... but when I find something amazing, I feel the need to share with my friends. Let me just confess my new love for makeup brushes. I used to be a Target girl, and picked up a new brush literally when the hair fell out. So when I heard about Sigma brushes, I was amazed.

Trust me y'all, I have done the research on these things they are the best out there for the money. They moonlight as makeup artist brushes, but by day they are the price of Target's brushes. It's unreal.

Seriously, professionals use them and compare them to just as great as, [if not better] than MAC. I'm in.

So slowly, tutorial after tutorial I built my list of the must-have brushes that a normal gal who loves makeup needs.

Patiently awaiting a vanity, they sit in my crystal glass.

Next to my perfume collection, and one of my favorite pictures of me and my sissy.

And now for the breakdown...

Here's why: 
1. The F40 - Probably my favorite brush. Not because of how great it is placing the perfect amount of blush on your cheek... but because of the shape and how it holds the pink color so well. I never like cleaning it off, is that weird? 

2. The F30 - This is just an essential. I have named this "the softest brush I have ever felt". Really I could fluff it all over my face all day long. 

3. The F05 - The contour brush. Since I have been addicted to tutorials, I have also learned how to contour my face. This is the perfect size to get right in that line between your cheek bone.

4. The F50 - I have also just now started using foundation. This brush (looks wet because I just washed it) but is great for buffing in the foundation to look "airbrushed". 

5. The E40 - Last but not least one for the eyes. This one is the one you use for all-over-lid color. It is so soft, yet perfectly applies smooth color when you do an all over base. I use this everyday because I always apply an all-over color on the main lid. 

There are others I use but these are the Sigma ones. If you are in need of a new brush, or new set... this is where it's at. Nothing compares expect MAC on most of these brushes and you would be paying about double or triple for the same thing.  


Lauren said...

Great post! I have heard of Sigma but didn't really research the different kinds because it seems like there are so many. Thanks for breaking it down, I might need to add these to my shopping list!

Also--those tulips are GORGE.

Lori Supek said...

I'm hearing a lot of good things about Sigma brushes also.... might have to pick some up!

LINDA said...

Gorgeous post!

Linda from

Lorena said...

It's got to be a delight getting ready in the mornings... and I must ask.... that spectacular bracelet that seems to have initials on it - where is it from ?

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