Weekend Happenings: Market Style

This weekend my good friend Erin and I went to Market for a little research on a crazy cool project we are working on. Here's the recap from my iPhone. We looked at: 

Really cool starbursts...

A campfire set up that any kid/design mommy would die for.

A baby puppy named Lucy. My bestie from college, Kerri, just got this ball of fun. We stayed with her so we got to play with little Lucy all weekend. She's really big on pouncing her toys like a bobcat. It's great.

We saw lots of Malachite too. I pretty much fell over when I saw this.

What a coffee table huh?! Purely made of marble. Only weighs 1,0000 lbs.

Unreal orange, gray, mirror, toile, loveliness.

Ok - pause. This makes me die laughing. Erin and I saw an unbelievable amount of statues in Dallas. Lets just add 99% of them were naked too (and not pretty naked, artsy naked.) This was the 1%, and it was HUGE. You know it is the Big D. I took a picture of this at first, but it wasn't as funny unless you saw it in perspective so I made Erin do the pose.
And.... my sister found out she's having a BABY GIRL!!!! I'm going to have a little niece! I'm so excited, I have already started making tiny bows, I've sprayed a whole room pink in her honor, and am counting the days to take her to market with me. Sissy did a balloon reveal, read about it on her blog, here. It's the cutest thing ever. I had to pause at market and scream when I found out.

Cutest chair, at the cutest store.

My bestie Kerri bear! Thanks for letting us come play with you!!

Overall, a GREAT trip to Dallas and great things planned. This shows our excitement.


Bianca said...

So happy for you :) Big smile over here

Sasha said...

I love that malachite table . . . humm . . . wonder if I love malachite so much bc of my last name?!? LOL

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