In the sands of time

In the client world, here are a few things that have happened lately...

Beautiful drapes went up.

 A sweet little doggy watched beautiful drapes go up.
 Vintage chairs were re-upholstered...
Crazy cool gallery wall went up.
Dancing people painting hung in the perfect spot. 
More beautiful drapes went up (cathedral drapes I mean) Here's a sneak peek...
Client wore other drapes as Spartacus during installation. 
 King Ranch Saddle Blanket used as art in a kitchen nook.
 Movarian star pendant hung.
 Kitchen renovation sneak peek with Spanish art.
Whew! It's coming along... I can't wait to show you all of these finished projects!


Emily Davis said...

You've been a busy lady! Love seeing these updates!

xoxo, Emily

Coffeetalk said...

Oh my, I love that thing hanging on their kitchen wall!!!! Tiffany

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