What's in her bag? A New Found Treasure

Inside of my Abro handbag...

1. iPhone
2. Essie Nail Polish (Power Clutch)
3. Keys
4. Urban Decay Cheek Tint (Score)
5. Urban Outfitters Sunglasses (Cat Eye)
6. Pens (via NewSpring)
7. MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick (New Temptation)
8. Laura Mercier Lipgloss (Rose Glace)
9. Business Card
10. Hand Sanitizer
11. Hobo Wallet (Clutch)

*I cheated the system and kept a spare diaper and wipes in the bag! :)

a newfound treasure

Another blog lover of mine, Anna from A New Found Treasure, is a for-sure daily read for fun interiors to dazzling style. Thanks for coming over! 


Sarah said...

Oh my Lord! I just HAD to buy one of Anna's print immediately when I linked from your page. Thanks for featured her amazing work. It will make a great bridal gift for my mom who is getting married and leaving me here in TX!


Anna (A Newfound Treasure) said...

Thanks for having me, Lauren. Luckily, I had recently cleaned out all of the candy wrappers and random post-its from the bottom of my purse :) It's never that tidy in there. Have a great weekend!!


Flair byBrandi said...

Love your blog! I will be your newest follower!


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