What's in her bag? Sasha from House Dressing Style

Today we have my good friend (and pretty much older sister) Sasha from House Dressing Style. Not only did she send over the goods she carries around in her (UM... AWESOME) bag, but she also sent over a special DIY for you too! 

You will have to check out her posts from last week, where she recapped one of the weddings of the century. And her house tour, well it's just out of this world, she's an awesome interior decorator, and ....... she owns and operates a Cupcake Mobile in a vintage redone trailer. Need more? Without further ado, 
1. Bag: Monogrammed Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (mon monogram in pink & orange) 
2. Wallet: Kenneth Cole quilted in peacock blue patent leather 
3. Planner: American Express planner 
(AXP version of Smythson of Bond Street's King Diary - complete with personalization - arrives complimentary each Christmas. I love it and can no longer use small planners!)
4. Tablet Folio by Russell & Hazel in gold leather: my place to stash full-size pad of paper & pen. It has lots of other compartments for miscellaneous goodies. . .  . contains my iPad when I need to take it on-the-go. 
5. Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent Metal Aviator Sunglasses 
6. Kate Spade pencil case : I have had this for at least 8 years and it's seen better days! 
I use it to stash the following beauty products (some of them just end up rolling around in my bag  . . .  perhaps its time to update and get something larger!) 
- Laura Mercier Blown Volume Mascara in Black (travel size) 
- MAC Utter Fun (my favorite color, now discontinued) 
- Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Undereye Concealer in Porcelaine 
(in my opinion the best concealer on the market) 
- MAC 316SE lip brush - I use this to apply my concealer, not my lipstick! 
- Chapstick Classic Cherry 
- Essie Nail Polish in Spaghetti Strap 
- Blax snag free hair elastics in clear (snag free is key) 
- Bombshell mini bobby pins (I'm obsessed with these - rubberized & matte, the best bobby pin around!) 
- Bliss lotion (travel size from hotel room) 
- Aleve (travel size)
- My hand sanitzer must be in the car . . . from using it after pumping gas! 

7. Advocare Spark Energy drink packet (these are amazing!)
8. Gum: Mentos Up 2 U pack - one side Berry Watermelon, the other Fresh Mint 
9. Pen & tape measure: Pink! 
10. Pencil case/ zipped stash all: printed green plastic from the Target Dollar Spot 
(I stash receipts in here and organize them when it gets "puffy") 
11. Earrings: Vintage clip-on 
12. DIY Tassel Key chain & keys 
13. Phone: iPhone

And here's Sasha's DIY on how to make her super cute key-chain!

Thanks miss Sasha for stopping by and your out-of-this-world bag post and DIY tutorial! If you haven't already been tempted enough to check out her blog, do it now

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Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

Well my goodness . . . I would even be tempted to check out MY OWN blog after that VERY generous shout out! Thanks so much Lauren!!! xoxo

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