Child's Play

Maybe because it's Friday, maybe because I'm working on a client's nursery...I have Child's Play on my brain. 

Here's one of my favorite nurseries of all time... 
 For two princesses:
 And, this one is for the boys...

While we are looking at baby items.... check out how cute these outfits from Leotine Linens are! I'm thinking my sister who lives in the south needs one of these for baby Annie Beth. The dress of course.  

Here's one for a baby Jack: 
 And baby Jill: 

The scallops, the monograms... I can't take it. 

Room pictures via


Nat said...

The window coverings in the first nursery are killing me- so gorgeous!

Dale Janeé said...

I can see why these are some of your favorites. I wish I had a princess room growing up, hehe. AND that first pic in the room looks so peaceful.


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