What's in her bag? Second Street East

Today I have good friend and fellow blogger, Michelle from Second Street East over for another... What's in her bag? series post. Check out what Michelle carries around daily and more about her awesome pillows below! 
Here are the deets: 
1. I got this bag from J.Crew as a birthday gift last year. It is the perfect bag! It goes with everything and carries a ton!
2. Yes, I still carry around a full size planner...
3. Nothing better than the Ray Ban wayfarers!
4. Still using a coach wristlet I have had for years as a wallet - definitely time to upgrade. Taking suggestions!
5. My husband and I keep all of the wine corks from special occasions - birthday or anniversary dinners mostly! There are normally a couple floating around in my purse. 
6. A few shades of lipstick, Burt's Bee's tinted lip balm, and Rosebud Salve - none of which I could live without!
7. Floss and a comb. 
8. Deodorant for emergencies. Yes, it is men's. I think it works better!
9. A cute little ellie bag to hold bobby pins, hair ties and anything else I might need!

Thanks for having me, Lauren! 

Michelle's darling blog, Second Street East is filled with images of how she merges the latest in fashion and interiors. Recently she opened a shop on Etsy with really cool vintage Kantha Quilt pillows. Check her out!

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Michelle said...

Thank you so much for having me, Lauren!!

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