Disasters on segment day

See what happened was... I spilled the beans. Literally. 

On the way to station... I made sure to pack my decor items carefully so nothing would fall over. As I accelerate to get on the highway... (crash). I knew exactly what happened. I spilled the beans. 

So I pull over to catch what was left for the segment... so I didn't have to pick up 9999 beans when I got there... just 9998. At this point it's humid, it's hot, I'm sweating... and my makeup is melting. 
I have about 10 minutes to go, so I unpack all my things and try to create the layered "Unity Bean Sand" look that I had before. The hubbs and I should of done a ceremony or renewed our vows with these beans. 
I realized after the photo above that this looked terrible and quickly turned it around to show the "pretty" side. 
I thought this one was going to be the "one" to fall over in the car. Boy was I wrong. It was large and in charge. Almost out the sunroof in charge. 
Here are some other DIY's you could do for your party. Mini Veggie Cups = Double Dip in the ranch, all you want. 
Easy-peasy dipped mini Ice Cream Sandwiches in sprinkles.
Cake Batter Truffles = Here's the recipe, you are welcome. Not mine, but it's like gold.
DIY Twizzler bundles.
 Thanks again, wall of screens. See ya next month.

Click on the picture of the video to watch. Thanks for the support y'all! 


Jenny said...

Ah that's crazy! Things like that always seem to happen but then somehow they end up ok, it still looks great! Love the ice cream sandwiches!

Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

What a hectic morning! I would be sweating, too! From the looks of it you pulled it off, though! Love all those yummy food ideas for the 4th.

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