Spotted: Wrapped Chandelier

We needed a fun chandelier in this client's dining room, and on a trip to Dallas, the couple happened to find a perfect one. Found in an antique mall, they brought it home as a prized possession. 

Can we just talk about the abstract painting? It's unreal. 
While browsing for other inspiration... I spotted the same chandelier in these photos below! Yet, we have another case for the "Spotted"series. 
And one more time.
Image source unknown (sorry)

It's fun to see the same light used in other design. Have you seen this before? I'm starting to see it in other places!


Emily Davis said...

Love this fixture. I first saw in in the oddest place- a restaurant in Rockwall, TX! Been obsessed ever since.

xoxo, Emily

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love that chandy! Sarah Richardson used it in her family room/office in the first Sarah's House she did.

Lauren Johnson said...

How funny, Elizabeth you are so right!! That's crazy!

And Emily, yes I think I've seen it in a restaurant as well!

Anonymous said...

How that chandelier ended up in an "antique shop," I'll never know! It's part of the Alita lamp series. I have the floor lamp and three pendant lights from the series. Go to and type in "Alita."

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