Coffee Table Tuesday

I'm running out of coffee tables in my house. This is the coffee table in my basement. Is it styled crazy? No. I feel that if you have a coffee table that has a neat design on the top... sometimes you don't want to cover it up! 

I love the fretwork top under the glass, and the turned-in legs. 
Here is a close of of the books. Don't ask me why I have Sinatra coffee table books, they were at an Estate Sale one day, and I liked the rat-pack style. I also have a Party Confidential book on here, given to me from my good friend Sasha. It's a fun little book filled with party theme ideas. 

The other book is the "Oh, the places you'll go!" by the one and only Dr. Suess. It's our guest book from the wedding, so sometimes it's fun to read the notes left from our guests, oh yes and the wedding crashers. I'm not kidding, people crashed our wedding and signed the book. I happen to love that.  
Just to show you, sometimes you don't need to style a coffee table crazy, and it will speak for itself! Now that I'm out of tables, send me yours....


Sara {Sara's Closet} said...

Agreed! And that table is gorgeous, I'd want it to be the center of attention also :) Looks great!

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

That is one gorgeous coffee table. I love the design!

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