Instagram Friday

Here's a little look through my life this week, according to my iPhone which is apparently out of space on photos. I think bloggers should have more photo space on their iPhone package, but that's just me. 

Client got new bedding in from John Robshaw, and I'm just a tad jealous. 
 Online sent me a little package, more to come on this soon!
 A mirror for a beachy family room client.
Hubs and I went golfing. I have learned that too much power in the swing makes you spin. I blame it on being a dancer. Sometimes it's a dance move, not a golf swing.
 Got my nails done in "Hot Rod" for the 4th of July.
We match sometimes. The Waitress leaned down like she was going to tell us a secret and said "I noticed you all are matching".... really? It must have been the bright orange that I missed!
 The view from the in-laws pool deck over the fourth. So crazy beautiful, and every once and a while there are cows and unicorns (white horses) that are grazing below.
 Made another shopping spree to the Wooden Nickel in Stillwater.
 My sister in law got me these cute pink anchor earrings, they matched my suit perfectly!
 Decided to buy things to open up the Etsy shop again. This brass Bo Man dog is mine though :)
Hope you have a great weekend peeps!


Alissa said...

She said you guys were matching? Um........OK? Haha.

Laura Dro Designs said...

Love the John Robshaw pattern...also would love to see what you will have in your Etsy shop-sounds fun!

Laura Dro

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