What's in her bag? The Zhush

Hi! Sue from The Zhush blog and  zhush.com, here with my bag and all it's contents today.

This post took me awhile because I had some seriously cleaning up to do.  At first, I thought I would "keep it real" and see what happened if I just literally dumped the contents of my bag out and snapped a photo.  Well, that was one unruly scene, with candy wrappers, balled up receipts, spare change and old shopping lists everywhere...I quickly scrapped that idea and decided to clean up my bag instead.  I'm so glad that I did, and I'm really hoping I can maintain this pristine state all summer now!

1. Celine bag
2. Ray Ban Sunglasses
3. Penguin mints
4. tassel key chain for house key from zhush.com 
5. Cetaphil moisturizer
6. Graphic Image pen
7. nail file
8. Louis Vuitton key chain for car key
9. business cards
10. Graphic Image tassel bag (for Advil, Purell, spare contact lenses and tissues)
11. Louis Vuitton wallet
12. Louis Vuitton make up bag
13. cherry chapsticks (2)
14. Clinique lip gloss
(and my iPhone, which I'm using to take the photo)

Thanks for having me over today, and for helping me literally clean up my act!

It was so fun to see what the stylish Zhush owner carries around in her beautiful Celine! I'm still crushing hard over the bag alone...

The Zhush is one of my daily reads and I also love perusing from her shop! Here are just a few of my favorite things...

Duh. Monogram. Orange and white. Duh.

 Tortoise Shell Pie Server? Sure!
 And, I always love a wall starburst. Begging to be put on a black wall.

If you haven't checked out Sue's awesome blog and shop, head over - now!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love this series.

Lala said...

I just want that Celine bag! Great post

Lisa said...

I'm your sister in Cherry Chapstick and nail file department. Have them in every bag, they multiply like rabbits, lol!

The Zhush said...

Thanks for having me over to your lovely blog! I'll be sure to link up later this week!


I adore the little touches of LV, very classy.

Lisa x

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