Things in moderation.

There are a few design styles that are great... in moderation. Don't get crazy, just add a touch.

Like leopard... one item in a room is good. This ottoman is a perfect amount of punch within a living room setting.
Next up, lacquer. Don't do the whole room including the dresser, buffet, night-stands etc. Give the room some definition and only add one to two lacquered pieces. Unless it's a set, like chairs.

And lastly, I feel almost every room needs a small part of Mid-Century Modern. This crib is so cute, and can we even talk about the burlwood dresser and window dressings? I love a Slim Aaron's nursery.

Sorry MIA again this week... lots of things have happened and more to come soon. But most importantly, my sister had her baby yesterday!! Annie Beth was born at 9 lbs. 2 oz, she is a chunk of love, and I can't wait to squeeze her cheeks! For those of you who follow my sister, send her some love, she's had a rough 24 hours. 

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