Vote for my shoes.

Let me first preface this post by saying... you all know I am not a style blogger. Posting pictures of myself in outfits is not normally my dig. This is way out of my comfort zone. Therefore, I made my dog do it with me. 

A couple of weeks ago, contacted me about participating in a blogger style contest. In this said contest, they let me pick out a free pair of Merrell's new line of Barefoot Shoes. With these shoes, they picked out an outfit for me to wear and sent me that as well! 
Anyway, today I will need your vote. By voting two things could happen. 

A. You will be entered to win a free pair of Merrell Barefoot shoes...
B. And, I could win a trip around the world! Not really... the winning blogger who receives the most votes by the end of thecontest will be awarded a $1,500 travel voucher from Intrepid Travel.
Didn't they hit it on the spot with Orange? It's like they knew ;) Go POKES.

We were supposed to show how these shoes helped us get outside. My shoes made me start taking Bo on more sprints walks. During our photo shoot, which didn't really go as planned.... we did our best. I wanted a photo running with Bo "happily" like this.
Most of the photo shoot turned out like this. 
Husband said... "Hey, you've got on hiking shoes... go climb that tree!" If you don't know me... let me just tell you, I am not the most "outdoorsy". I tried. 
Until I ran into a large spider and was ready to get down. 
Although, these shoes have come in handy very much. On a recent trip we went on we decided to go on a hike. With shoes in tow, I braved myself into the "wild". 
Other than 82729381 bug bites, I was a happy camper. 
I've also taken these little shoes golfing. I think they are my good luck weapon. No longer do I spin while swinging the club. And...... they also helped me get my first Birdie or whatever. 
They are also great for weightlifting and light running. Seriously the shoes weigh like .2 pounds, and you don't have to wear socks... so getting ready for the gym is easy peasy.
I feel like a politician, but... - I NEED YOUR VOTE! Click here to read my story of how Merrell Shoes helped me get outside, and enter yourself to win a free pair of shoes! Not to worry there are plenty of men's and women's to pick from. 


Alissa said...

Girl you are in amazing shape!

Averi said...

voted!! good luck and i hope you win!!!

Alisa Marie said...

Love these shoes - especially since you don't have to wear socks! I'm going to vote for you now.

Megan said...

I voted for you!! You were definitely the cutest!!

Lauren Johnson said...

Thanks guys, so sweet!! Me and my shoes, and BO thank you ;)

Bianca said...

You are so ridiculously cute!

Emily Davis said...

Voted! Good luck, girl!

xoxo, Emily

Six Feet Under Blog said...

Hope you win!!

britton said...

Voted!! Hope you win, girl!!

britton said...

Voted!! Hope you win, girl!!

Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

Voted! I think the best part is the "chosen" pic is you in the tree on their site!! I wish it was the spider one!! lol!

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