Eat in or out?

I came across an article today with a beautiful eat in kitchen. It made me wonder where most people eat dinner. Are you a family that sits at the "breakfast nook" table?

Or at the counter for a quick bite?
In the formal dining room?

Or, are we all on the sofa in front of the Bachelor Pad finale? 


Sarah said...

HECK YA - sofa fo sho!!! BTW that finale... I loved that he kept it. I didnt even watch most of the season but that girl is the one true shining example on NEVER letting a BOY control your emotions - you end up without said boy and without some G's in your pocket

Anonymous said...

we eat in our dining room, but it is a pretty informal room.

Abi said...

haha... my mouth dropped open a little watching Bachelor Pad!
But since right now my breakfast nook table is the only table we have, I'd say we eat there half of the time, and the other half we're on the couch...usually watching the Office reruns.

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