T + L : Do Atlanta

And.... we're off. A tad sleepy, these kids ended up packing till late and woke up early for the flight. Good plan? No. It's ok, coffee heals all. 
First dinner in ATL, Two Urban Licks. Amazing. They took an old warehouse and made it into a chic fine dining restaurant. YUMMY.
 If you go, you have to get these things. Someone we met at the bar said they were a must, and we said "yea yea yea, they can't be that good". Oh my, they are delicious. Some kind of fried chip with zesty ranch cream and then salmon, slivered onions and capers. Unreal.
 Next up for breakfast, we hit up West Egg Cafe. First of all, look at the menu, how fun is the type?
Meant to look old school they serve water in these cute little jars. 
The space is complete with photo booth and all!
I got some sort of Georgia scrambler and so did Tate. There was a couple biscuits under here somewhere and was it g-o-o-d! 
 Tate opted for the grits since we were in the South.
 Another place we hit up on our way out was Tap.
 These cute tacos came in a fun skillet. One was a southern taco with gravy, fried chicken and buttered corn. We had to get it, of course.
ATL, you are beautiful and we love you. On the road again...
And Georgia, you were definitely on our mind. Thanks for having us. 
Next up, Alabama! 


Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I just found your blog through Pinterest! Love Atlanta!!! New follower!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

I went to Two Urban Licks when I was in Atlanta a few months ago! It was seriously amazing, such good food. Crazy location to find though.
We also did brunch at Front Page News, also adorable and delicious if you're ever back there.

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

Just found your blog and totally in love! love this food diary from your georgia trip! newest followr on gfc :)

XO Meghan

Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

just found your blog and am in love! love this food diary from your trip to georgia! looks like you had a blast and the food looks super yummy! newest gfc follower :)

XO Meghan

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