What's in her bag?: For All Things Lovely

It's bbbbaaaaaaccccckkkkk..... Time for another good ol' What's in her bag? This week I have the lovely Megan from "For All Things Lovely" a fashion blog that I just found and love! 
Here's what's in the satchel. 

1.) Rebecca Minkoff Covet Satchel - I love a structured handbag. 
2.) Hobo Wallet in Cognac - Roomy enough for all my stuff + you can carry as a clutch!
3.) Kate Spade 'All Wrapped Up' Studs - Always keep a pair of studs around, you never know when you'll forget to put on earrings!
4.) Lollia Hand Lotion - For those dry hand days.
5.) Keys - Can't go far without these.
6.) Burberry Sunglasses - A must. I wear sunglasses all day, everyday.
7.) Leopard Nail File - Comes in handy. :)
8.) Bobby Pins - Always, always keep these on hand. I change my hairstyle about 5 times a day!
9.) Jewelmint Bangle - For those days when you feel a little naked, add a little glamour.
10.) L'oreal Mascara - Long lashes are my favorite.
11.) MAC Studio Fix Powder - I always need a little powder touch up.
12.) 2012 Planner - Couldn't live without this, there's something about writing it that makes me remember!
13.) Laura Mercer Lip Gloss - My favorite lip gloss, in 'Violet'.
14.) Scope Breath Fresheners - Always need to be fresh after lunch.
15.) Chanel Nailpolish - In my favorite color, pink, you never know when you might have a few extra minutes to paint your nails!

If you need a little fashion pick up, or outfit idea, check out her blog, girl got style! 


Amy said...

Great guest post, I love her blog as well and she led me to this one which is also great!

beautifulclassicstyle said...

Very nice blog. Can't wait to read more.


Elizabeth // The Now said...

Love this. CUUUUUTE Bag!!! Love me some Laura Mercier lip gloss!! xoxo

Morgan Liti said...

Love her blog! And so happy to have found yours! :)


Tarabelle said...

Extra Stud earring? Genius.



dreamingincashmere said...

I love her style!! Now I found your great blog too. Newest follower! I'd love it if you get a sec, to visit my blog.
xo, amy

RachieCakes said...

Cute idea! And it reminds me i need to clean out my bag! haha

xo Rach

Dina Karivalis said...

Very cute! Love that bag. Glad she led me to your blog. Would love for you to check out mine if you have time.
xo Dina


Julia R said...


I mentioned you on my blog!

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