Oh my Obelisk!

I happen to LOVE an obelisk on a coffee table. The marble-y one below is super cool too. They add so much interest and height to the table. Did you know where the Obelisk stemmed from? The Egyptians... it's one of their main gigs. Take that History of Furniture Class, I remembered something. 
And here's the ever popular glass version. 
And, just for fun and because you know I love all things burl-wood, I thought I would throw this fabulous pair in. 


Elizabeth // The Now said...

I love these too!! I think having a pair is essential and are a great way to add height. If my coffee table wasn't overloaded with stuff I would totally love to have some. I love the burl ones you found!! xoxo

Henhurst Interiors said...

The second photo is one of my all time favorite coffee table vignettes. I haven't see the first photo before - lots of great inspiration there!

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