Out with the wall, in with the ceiling

I'm going to be honest here. I'm not a huge fan of painted accent walls. I've turned towards an accent ceiling instead for a fun pop of color. We just did one of my client's dining room ceiling in gold metallic. It's faaaabulous. Yes - I know the below photo has one gray wall, but it's different with all the white stuff in the middle. 
This ceiling is not only really fun and textured, but they have cove lighting around it to accentuate it. 
Show me some cool accent walls and maybe I will change my mind... for right now I'm going to stick with Kevin Sharkey, and oppose accent walls. You are entitled to your own accent wall opinion, in or out? What about a ceiling? 


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

I love painted ceilings! It's such a great way to add some color to a space. That last picture is so pretty! I love the lighting!

Stephanie said...

I like the ceiling look! I'm too OCD for an accent wall - I need things to be balanced and matching, so one off wall would really throw me.

marble column said...

The first picture is so good. It has very good ceiling color with nice match in bed. xo
~ Herman Swan

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