Christmas Staple: Paperwhites

Trust me, I have no "Green Thumb". Since my mother is pretty much a master gardener, I like to pretend to have the Green Thumb tendencies. Every year I grow paperwhites for the Christmas. Seriously, they are so easy a monkey could do it. You don't even have to plant the thing, you just put your bulbs on top of rocks and add water. 
They are so pretty on a mantle, a window seal, or even down the center of a tablescape. I like to place mine in a big blue and white vase on the coffee table. 
There's just something about a flower inside... when everything else outside is dead and cold. It helps me get through until spring. And, the flowers last a long time! 
You can pick up paperwhite bulbs at Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes and they should be pretty cheap. Throw them in a cute vase, add some rocks and call it good. Seriously, they grow like wildfire or a Chia Pet.  Anyone have one of those growing up? 

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