Easter @ the Cabin

This year we had Easter weekend at the Cabin. My in-laws just renovated an old cabin that's been in the family for years. This place to Bo is Vegas. He can run for acres, eat as many sticks as he wants, and was swimming in the plake (pond/lake) within two-minutes of arriving. 

Here we made him climb up on an old waterfall... he looks like he's starring in "The Lion King". Just lioness-ing around.   
After a quick drive around the property we ran into some nice cows. I don't think they know what a camera is. 
And, ended the day exploring over brooks and streams. A great place to pretend you are in the Hunger Games. Peeeta! I hope everyone had a wonderful and glorious Easter. 
He is risen, He is risen indeed! 

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thenerdykatie said...

That place looks beautiful!

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