Wichita Wednesday... FROZ!

For this week's Wichita Wednesday, I am highlighting a new natural frozen yogurt place called FrÖz (pronounced like Snowz..)   I know, weird. Anyway, this Pinkberry-like yogurt is awesome! If you live in the Wichita-area, call me and we will go!

I wish Tate would of let me take pictures of the inside, it's so cute. It's all white, with touches of chandeliers and pink chairs! Yes please! Here's what we got.

Tate got the Cheesecake flavored yogurt with kiwi and strawberries - always a good choice.

But too boring for me. I got raspberries and gummi bears! Who doesn't?!

Here's the contact information if you want to go. FrÖz, this is where you send me a gift card. Thanks...

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Bianca said...

This looks fabulous! I must check this out. Yum!

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