Lettuce pray...

When we planted for fall, we decided to try and grow lettuce. 1. The lime green color is amazing in a flower bed, and 2. I thought it would be fun for the farmer Johnsons to try out lettuce.

It has to be the easiest plant. All you do is sprinkle the lettuce seeds, move the dirt around a little, and heavily water. See the first photo below - it started sprouting in 6 days!!

A close-up of the little seedlings.

And... look what happened in like two weeks!

Time for dinner! Lettuce anyone? This will make another appearance in the spring, for sure. Can you say pink and green, tulips and lettuce?


Mom and I are going to Kansas City this weekend, hopefully there will be great finds to share!! :)

Have a good weekend, y'all.

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How pretty! The lettuce certainly comes alive in these photos. Wow!

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