Happy Sarah day!

Today is a happy Monday, it's my sister's birthday! What a wonderful gal she is. Here are just five reasons why I love her, and you should too: 

1. She's is a lot smarter than me, and helps me sharpen my crayon...
which isn't the brightest. 

2. She's an amazing Christian woman. 

3. She just got married, is a wonderful wife, and will be top mom one day :)
(below is a pic of my wedding where she caught the bouquet! - She really was next!) 

4. She has a really fun blog. If you haven't read it, check it out y'all

5. She inspires me to be a better baker. There is a reason why she is now Mrs. Baker. One bite of her cupcakes and you know why.  

And... I will always look up to her, even though I'm taller (hehe) OK maybe by only 1/4 of an inch. 

Meet Mr. Baker, her new hubby! 

Happy Birthday Sis, love you! 

In other news: Matt proposed to Mindy this weekend, congrats guys!! 

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