Fab Fabric covered tray...

"Knowledge is useless, unless it's shared." 

And that's why I love Martha Stewart. Growing up watching her all the time I hated it (because I was forced to watch it instead of Full House re-runs) transformed to later in life, watching Martha because I love it, and it completely reminds me of home. Seriously, when I moved away to college, I would turn it on while I studied, just to feel like I wasn't away. (make fun of me here)

My friend Katelyn posted this project to her Pinterest today, and I think it's fabulous! I think I will be adding this to my long list of projects. I have been looking for the perfect tray for our coffee table, and I think this might just be a fun project, and something I could also change up with the seasons. Why did I throw those baking pans in the garage sale?!

Watch this video of Martha demonstrating the project. Loves it.... Thanks Katelyn for sharing!

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Katelyn Mendez said...

I am glad you liked the idea! I am adding it to my long list of summer projects. You will have to post your finished project:) BTW I love your blog! You are so creative and have so many great ideas! Hope all is well with you!

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