Bo (Marley) & Me.

List of things Bo Johnson has eaten/destroyed lately:

1. One earring.
2. One "soda" can 
3. At least four plastic bowls. 
4. One large blown up photo I was going to frame. 
5. One Screen door. 
6. His leash. 
7. One Jalapeno plant, green pepper plant and tomato plant. 
8. Two "Indestructible" beds. 
9. One full Habanero Plant. 
10. One pack of Cilantro seeds. 
11. One full stock of Sunflowers. 
12. One box of cable wires. 
13. One sprinkler system connection, under a screwed-in tunnel. 
14. Two baby pools. 
15. Millions of June bugs. 
16. Three ceramic bowls = pieces. 
17. One set of garden edging. 
18. Two storm drain extenders - his favorite! 
19. His cousin Taos' dignity. (We should have named him Beau.) 
20. One crepe myrtle tree from our wedding. 

This photo was taken the night before we dropped off Bo at 'Fat Camp'. We will always keep this as his 'before' picture. I also had no make up on, and look crazy dark because I just got a spray tan, don't judge. 

Here's how Bo talks to me. 

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AO said...

This is hilarious and only because I feel your pain. Hopefully Bo didn't have stomach issues after all those hot plants!
After your list, our dogs deciding a hole in the leather couch would be good doesn't seem so bad.

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