Not-so-scenic lookout...

We just took a road-trip down to Dallas for my best friends wedding, yes like the movie. It was fabulous! 

I am a huge sucker for stop offs on the side of the road. Can I get a World's Largest Pickle or Fried Pies exit? Yes. My hubby, not so much of a fan of stopping. He wants to get to point B, while I'm adding in 27 points to get to the destination. 

I somehow convinced him that we should probably stop at the "Scenic Lookout" over this canyon thing. Bad idea kids. Maybe because it was 150 degrees, and there was nothing but drought-stricken trees, it was a let down for sure. I thought the lookout would be on my side, but no. I still had fun though. Here are a few photos from my phone that weekend. 

Feet on the dashboard. Why, of course! I can... I'm the passenger. 

The lucky and cutest couple ever. Kerri and Colin. I heart them big time.

Hubs and I at the rehearsal dinner. 

Bo even missed us at Fat Camp. They even sent us a picture of him, and a note telling us how he did! 

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