I grew up in a house full of tassels. That's right, beautiful frilly tassels on everything. Tassel the drawers, tassel the TV cabinet, tassel a basket, tassel the needlepoint-dog pillows, tassel the doors, etc.

Back in college, our sorority once changed the words of razzle-dazzle during rush. Man that was a bad idea after singing it 600+ times. It was like body glitter - always a good idea in the beginning.

How do tassels now fit into everyday life? Let me show you...

Tassel garland.

Festive balloon party tassels.

 Shoe tassels.

Tassel earrings.

Shade tassels.
Images via Pinterest.

Hope you have a fan-tassel day! 

Off to stage another hizouse. Word. 

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Emily said...

The body glitter line made me laugh out loud at my desk!

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